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Few less than 200 inhabitants, Volastra is the ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday in the very heart of the Cinque Terre but, at the same time, it is out of the main tourist flows, often chaotic and crowded.
The small village is 300 metres above sea level, in a privileged position if one wants to walk on the famous paths mentioned by the C.A.I. Guides. (C.A.I. means Club Alpino Italiano, Italian Alpine Club) which connect it to the other villages of the Cinque Terre National Park. Currently Volastra offers a good bedspace: there are many Rentrooms, Bed&Breakfasts, two hotels, a Minimarket, an Information Point of the National Park, a football and tennis playground, areas for children and a restaurant where you have the possibility to taste delicious fish dishes

The Cinque Terre are crossed by a dense network of coastal and interior footpaths. The "Sentiero Azzurro", Blue Path, is the coastal trail and allows to reach the five villages in five hours walking, while the "Sentiero Rosso", Red Path, or High Path, climbs from Portovenere to Levanto. The "Via dei Santuari", Sanctuaries Path, is more challenging and leads to places of religious interest upon the five villages.
The panoramas that can be admired from many points of the trails are beautiful and very evocative, especially along the coast path. All the paths are of low or moderate difficulty, but still have to be addressed very carefully, especially in winter months.

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